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Fusion hair extensions are on the other end of the spectrum from clip in extensions. They are one of the most popular methods of extensions, and also one of the more traditional. They are sometimes referred to as “hot fusion,” or “glue-in,” although not all hair professionals use glue to apply them. The extensions feature a keratin protein bond at the top, which is solid until melted with a hair extension tool. The hairstylist will then shape the melted keratin around the hair, and when it cools, the keratin hardens and creates a durable bond. This type of extension can last anywhere from three to six months and needs to be removed by a hair professional. It’s also a great hair extension method to use if you have fine or thin hair!

Micro link extensions are applied strand by strand to hair and contain a coating on the inside that helps the link grip the hair. The coating is perfect for thin hair because it makes sure the links do not slip once they’re attached to hair. A professional stylist needs to apply these extensions, and they will weave your real hair into each link, along with the fake hair. You will have to get these adjusted every six weeks or so to accommodate hair growth, so remember to take that into account when thinking about which hair extensions you want to get.

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